4flow AG

Innovative Light- and Acoustic solutions

Development of additional office space, a central reception area, a lounge as a meeting room, and telephone rooms for conference calls and small meetings.

A key theme of the build-out was the design of lighting and acoustics. For the lounge, which provides space on the top floor for meetings of all employee:s, an acoustic ceiling with cushion-like ceiling panels was designed to match the position of the person speaking and interrupted by light slits following the course of the roof.

The 11 telephone rooms were developed with the support of the TU Berlin and in workshops with employees of 4flow AG. Based on a prototype, the acoustics and the dimensions of the swiveling table were checked and improved. The light bodies, which bring light and orientation to unlit areas of the office, also serve as sound absorbers thanks to the fabric design with concealed absorption material. This allows confidential conversations to be held in the telephone booths.

Client: 4flow AG
Project Type: Revitalisation / Fit-out
Year: 2001/2015
Area: 4.000 m² m²
Location: Berlin
Scope: LP 1-8
Photos: Thorsten Klapsch

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